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butterball christmas ornamentFor gift ideas that are original and individual, many people have collected wood carvings from Christine Coffman's artwork collection. Her wood carving skill is used in many different aspects of gift giving, and makes excellent gifts for all ages.

Christmas ornaments, which can be used on the tree or as "out all year" figures, are very often used for gifts. Collectors can find many wood carvings of their interests, such as cats, bears, "noggins" and Santa ornaments. Often the tiny child ornament is the first Christmas ornament given to the new grandchild. There are boy ornaments, girl ornaments, or "just a little baby" ornaments. The ornaments are dated with the year, or on request the full date of birth could be used.

Gifts Tailored to Collector's Needs

christine carvingBecause Coffman designs her own work, gifts can be tailored to a collectors needs. For those persons looking for an original Nativity scene, or crèche, to give as a Christmas present to the Nativity set collector, or as a gift idea any time of the year, this site may be the answer to their Nativity search.



Nativity Sets

nativity hand carvedNativity sets that set the scene using only figures and simple palm tree backgrounds are Coffman's specialty. She uses wood carving to create Nativity figures that would be better described as miniature sculpture, rather than simple craft pieces. Each Nativity crèche is created to show an emotion that could have been felt at the manger scene. Each figurine is carved with the same care, be it the Baby Jesus or a shepherd. Sometimes the scene reflects joy, or awe or contentment. Sometimes the set will suggest an air of excitement and expectation. Sometimes it becomes a Nativity scene showing of a little of each of these emotions.

Hand Carved Santa Claus Figures

Hand carved Santa Claus figures are also a popular choice for gift giving. They come in all sizes from 2 inches tall to 16 inches tall. The Santa Claus wood carvings can be for collectors or for Christmas decoration. They are signed and dated and many persons enjoy getting one as a gift or for themselves each year.