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Ron's Art Makes You Feel Good

active art 1"I love landscapes! The feeling of open spaces, nature and the wonderment of creation - GOD - the ultimate artist gives inspiration and an ability to transform wood, canvas, oils, and other media into a thing of beauty. If you stop and listen, you might hear the voices and sounds of the scenes with their breeze touched trees, song birds, and rhythmic brook and waterfalls." It makes you say to yourself, "I've seen this place before."

Wood Art is Sensory Pleasure

"You look at it - touch it - smell it!" My mentor, teacher and friend Mr. Daryl Morgan, at Evergreen State College not only included the mastery of skills, but the appreciation of craft, during our sessions. As one of the few European-American registered Japanese Temple carpenters (miya daiku), Daryl rebuilt the spirit that lives within my temple. He enhanced my mind, my skills and my ambition to strive for better quality creations - from remodeling projects to fine woodworking. I have applied the skills I have gained to numerous creations with the satisfaction that these skills will constantly improve and solidify with the mastery of satisfaction upon project completion. "Do nothing, which will bring shame to the tree."

active art 2Inspiration is brought about by the influence of another trainer, Mr. David J. Marks, from DIY's "Wood Works" show. I have had the pleasure of experiencing his training and guidance. Seeing David cut a double-bevel inlay, in person, is like watching Picasso paint. He has a natural teaching ability which imparts knowledge and skill in harmony with each other. I tease David about being a celebrity, but his most enduring quality is his humble nature. He is a Wood Artist Master, yet he is constantly striving for perfection.

My art mentor Mr. Mike Moran's, also of Evergreen State College humor allowed me to be loose enough to actually draw in a realistic fashion. Mike's patience and attentiveness while doing still-life drawing to figure drawing brought about the artist within me. "Be loose…let it flow to the canvas, he would tell me." It sometimes flows too quickly to the canvas now!

Training by the best, miya daiku Mr. Daryl Morgan, Wood Art Master Mr. David J. Marks, and Art Master Mr. Mike Moran all contributed to the creativity of one individual and are "THE" influences that inspire my creations. With these three master artisan's museum quality ability and their ability to foster creativity, I feel fortunate to have some of their talent rub-off on me!

Heirloom Creations

Active Art & Lion Crest are the artist arms of the Shea Corporation providing clients original creations in various media. Original heirloom quality creations include oil and acrylic paintings, customized office or home furniture, and functional one-of-a-kind artistic creations, such as turned pens, wineglass racks, or customized room dividers or shoji style folding screens. The word "functionality" is primary to our name, "Active" Art! Whether you are looking for a unique heirloom for daily use or simple daily enjoyment Active Art will work with you to bring your dream into reality.

I. Furniture

II.Heirloom Gifts

View the Gallery at http://www.activeart.us Interested in an heirloom production? Send and email with your contact information to: info@activeart.us.